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Spending so much time concentrating on production

that you don’t have enough time to devote to marketing?


You are an expert on the production end.

We will make you an expert in marketing.


Loewen and Associates, Inc. provides a one-on-one consulting service to agricultural producers throughout the entire U.S. This personal service provides direct marketing recommendations to producers based on current market conditions, specific goals of the producer, and all the factors that go into determining the proper risk management tool at the time. The consulting service provides recommendations and more importantly an EDUCATION in using all of the marketing tools that are available to agricultural producers.


These recommendations are developed by Pete Loewen, Matt Hines, Doug Biswell and Matt Burgener based on our in-house analysis. It is not regurgitated from another service or source and presented second-hand like so many other (more expensive) services out there.


Individually designed grain and livestock recommendations delivered via e-mail, fax or telephone.

     • Cash Market Tools

          - Forward contracts

          - Hedge-to-arrive

          - Basis contracts

      • Cash Market Evaluation

          - Basis

          - Carry

      • Futures Market Tools

      • Options and Advanced Option Strategies

Proprietary, time-sensitive analysis complete with precise recommendations.

      • Producer is not obligated to implement recommendations

      • Complete education on ALL available marketing tools


We separate marketing into two segments;

1) price forecasting / profitability

         (i.e. "when" to make the sale)

2) choosing the right tool to net the highest price at each sale/purchase point

         (i.e. "how" to make the sale and “how” and “when” to merchandise/market your grain or livestock).



There is money left on the table every single day by producers who do not fully understand things like basis, carry, and choosing the right tool at the time of sale. In today's marketplace, can you afford to leave that money on the table? Absolutely not! You MUST separate price forecasting from marketing in order to be a truly successful marketer. Let us teach you how net the highest dollar at the time of sale-every time-without even mentioning market direction.


This is a very progressive service that utilizes the combined 75+ years of experience in agricultural marketing of Pete Loewen, Matt Hines, Doug Biswell and Matt Burgener along with strong communication with producers to provide a well thought-out marketing plan. More importantly, the Loewen and Associates staff works diligently to implement the marketing plan on a timely basis by reacting to changing market conditions and opportunities.


We do not speculate, we teach you how to properly manage your risk in the way that is most beneficial to your individual operation. Give us a chance to show you our knowledge of the MARKETING game and leave the pure price forecasting and speculation to everyone else.



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This does constitute a solicitation to buy or sell commodities futures and/or options. The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only. The information is not guaranteed as to its accuracy or completeness, although the information was taken from sources we believe to be reliable. The market recommendations of Loewen and Associates, Inc. are based solely on the judgment of Loewen and Associates, Inc. personnel. We do not guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, of success to you in the use of this information. Loewen and Associates, Inc. disclaims responsibility for or loss associated with use of information from our commentary, analysis or recommendations. There is risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options. The risk in trading can be substantial; therefore only genuine “risk” funds should be used.